Ahmedabad, Gujarat, May 23, 2016  Ecosmob Technologies offers different types of development services to serve their local and international clients. One of the services offered by the company is mobile application development. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer the custom mobile application development services for bill payment.As per the made announcement the company offers the mobile app development for paying the postpaid bills as well as recharging their prepaid accounts to top up their calling, data balance. The company offers this application development in the two major platforms, namely, Android and iOS. This mobile application can have many different features based on the custom requirements of the service provider company. Some of the key features are listed below:"There are many service providers who are introducing similar mobile applications to serve their customers. This type of mobile app creates win win situation for both the customers and service providers. This mobile bill payment application allows users to pay bills and recharge account using this app. This saves their time to physically visit the store and pay bills or recharge their account. At the same time, if we think from the perspective of the service provider then it is really very helpful to them. The customers will pay the bills using an app so in store visits will be decreased. So the staff of the service provider will not need to get occupied managing the long queues of clients waiting to pay their bills, or recharging their balance. The staff can now be used for many other productive activities. This will channelize the efforts of store staff and increase the productivity. At the same time, customers are getting more advanced and flexible option for bill payment and balance recharge. This will increase the customer satisfaction as well.", said the spokesperson of the company.

As per the announcement made this mobile application can have as many features as the service provider want. The payment made with this application will have the inbuilt security mechanisms so the payment made using this application will be safe and secure.

Notes to Editor - The spokesperson of the company has advised to drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com to discuss more about this mobile app development.