15th June, 2016 - During the start of the 21st century, only half of the classrooms in US had Internet access and today 98% of classrooms have internet connectivity. It is believed that more than 75% of Indian students use internet to research for school. It may be surprising for many to know that 3 out of 4 students prefer tablets over textbooks to study. With the ever growing Internet penetration levels and adoption of smarter devices, the question remains as to whether we are making most of this digital revolution. The eLearning industry is expected to grow from its current size of $90 Billion to $344.94 Billion by 2019. Apart from the growing propensity of youth towards internet, the rising costs of infrastructure, comfort of learning at one’s own pace & place, availability of latest material are also contributing to the exponential growth.

TutorsWeb.com is a top-notch digital learning product that attempts to bridge the gap between students and teachers by offering a FREE platform with tools necessary to hold an online session. TutorsWeb.com differs with competition by taking a social route by acting as a hassle free facilitator of knowledge exchange on terms acceptable to either party. Digital learning allows students to choose their study timings. One to One learning encourages students’ participation thereby allowing them to overcome fear and doubts that are associated with classroom learning. The need to travel is completely eliminated thus offering students additional time for learning. Digital learning is lot cheaper due to minimal use of infrastructure.
Ram Talluri, the founder of TutorsWeb.com says, “We want to make our online learning platform accessible to every student who wishes to learn, irrespective of his location and financial status.” He further adds, “As TutorsWeb.com grows, the company has plans to offer free learning courses to underprivileged children, who are often ignored by traditional hubs of education.”

Talluri extends an invitation to educational institutes, teachers and professionals in different industry verticals to become a part of TutorsWeb.com. Despite the availability of advanced technologies and rapid adoption of smart devices, educational institutions are yet to realize the full potential of going digital. This opportunity will help them deliver knowledge to the younger generation in their areas of expertise and subjects related to their profession. As per Talluri, online tutoring is a fantastic opportunity for people who have gathered knowledge in their profession to pass it to a needful student. This also helps the professionals to stay updated on the latest happenings in their field.
There is no doubt that online learning is the way to the future. The need for individual learning opportunities, convenient study timings and demand for customized learning will shape the eLearning industry in coming years. TutorsWeb.com has geared itself to play an important role in making the journey of learning more enriching and enjoying. We cordially invite students, teachers, and professionals to join our innovative learning platform where learning is seamless and delivery of knowledge is satiating. TutorsWeb currently has more than 1500 courses in latest IT technologiesCBSE Subjects, IIT-JEE preparation, Soft Skills development and even robotics. They also have more than 500 skilled Tutors registered. TutorsWeb’s Facebook page provides some useful educational tips. Sign up today on www.tutorsweb.com to become a part of the education revolution.