PUNE, IndiaJanuary 18, 2017-- Pune's Very Own Multifit Celebrates 5000 Members With Fifth Studio Launch in Pune and a Unique Fitness Fest  

Having emerged as India's largest functional fitness studio, 'MultiFit' celebrated crossing 5000 Multifiter's mark with the launch of its fifth functional fitness studio at Aundh. MultiFit, which also has its trademark Fitness Studios in Gurgaon, Jaipur and Mumbai, is one of the few calisthenics based functional fitness studio, providing its members the right kind of fitness. Its state-of-the-art fitness studios offer a wide variety of choices to its patrons; from calisthenics and functional fitness to mixed martial arts, boxing, Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's fighting style), gymnastics, yoga and endurance training all under the same roof.

The MultiFit Aundh Fitness Studio opened with a one-of-its-kind 'Fitness Fest' to celebrate functional fitness. The evening was graced by our very own Punekar Swapnil Gugale - Captain of Maharashtra Ranji Team. In addition to a string of celebratory activity, the highlight of the evening was an exciting circuit workout spearheaded by MultiFit's finest & ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified trainers. The attendees were given a, one to remember, MultiFit experience by breaking the monotony of boring workouts, including fun games and challenges.

Commenting on this milestone occasion, Dr Samir Kapoor, CMD of MultiFit said, "Having started with baby steps in Pune about a year ago, our journey and what we have managed to achieve is a matter of great pride for us. What started as a small initiative is today taking the form of a rapidly growing Functional Fitness revolution, and it is our endeavour to ensure that we play an enabling role to the best of our ability. The launch of our fifth fitness studio in Pune, at Aundh, is another step in this direction."

MultiFit aims at creating awareness about the true essence of fitness, with its core focus being more on strength building rather than body building. MultiFit aims at doing so by breaking the monotony of boring workouts and routine and introducing a whole new bouquet of fun-filled gamified functional fitness routines and activities

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Chintan Modi, Franchise Partner, MultiFit Aundh said, "MultiFit has already set a high standard for functional fitness in Pune, the growing number of patrons is a clear vindication of same. With the launch of the Aundh Branch we not just wanted to bring this fitness revolution to Aundh, but also to push the bar further with the MultiFit experience that our patrons would get. I am pretty confident that with the kind of functional fitness facilities and the quality of our trainers that would be driving the MultiFit brand forward, our patrons and fitness enthusiast from across Aundh and the neighbouring precinct would be presented with a functional fitness experience such as they have never experienced before."

With a sport-centric approach, MultiFit has a number of well-acclaimed athletes on board with them including 'Arjun Awardee Olympian' - Mr. Manoj Pingale, 'Ironman' and 'Pro-cyclist' Chaitanya Velhal, 'Calisthenics' and 'Jeet Kune Do' expert Dhruv Chaudhuri and many more gymnasts and endurance athletes. Keeping true to their motto, 'The soul of MultiFit lies in our trainers'; MultiFit ensures that they have the best in the industry, they currently have five international trainers, one of them being Sally Jones, the Head Coach of MultiFit along with two football coaches from Manchester, who are at the fore-front of their respective disciplines. MultiFit aims at launching 30 gyms across India by end of 2017 to spread their concept of functional fitness and the true definition of being fit across India.