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Common Questions
  • Event Orbiz is a Business Event Promotional platform for Publishing Events, Event Related Updates and Resources. Our portal provides the most comprehensive event-listing and event promotion functionalities for business events, including a first - Instantaneous publishing of Event Updates and Press Releases. Our aim is to facilitate in maximising the reach of your event’s story with the relevant audience, stakeholders and influencers, thereby optimising campaign outcomes manifold. Press Release.

    Key Features -

    • List & Promote business events across categories from conferences, trainings, CSR activities to launches, competitions etc.
    • Publish press release instantly for display on the published event page. Newsworthy releases are automatically published in the ‘News’ section.
    • Publish press release and Event related Updates instantly
    • Comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard with multi-user access to manage multiple events for multiple companies
    • Set private as well as public event pages
    • Stay abreast with latest event related updates and News

  • We provide the most comprehensive event listings across business event categories. We currently offer listing of events such as –

    • Launches
    • Roadshows
    • HR events
    • Seminars & Webinars
    • Conferences
    • Trade shows
    • Networking & Panel Discussions
    • Industry Award Functions
    • Training & Education
    • Expos & Exhibitions
    • CSR Campaigns
    • Sports Events
    • Competitions & Surveys
    • Fund Raising
    • Workshops
    • Corporate Festivals

  • Any individual or organization who has the ownership of the event or any representative who is entrusted with the management or promotion of the event. This could be an employee of a company, a consultant/freelancer or an agency in charge of promoting or conducting an event like event agencies, PR agencies. One can easily manage multiple events across multiple companies, entities or group of companies. The main Author of the Event can nominate more than one account administrator to manage event pages as per company.

  • It is absolutely FREE!

  • You may email your queries or seek assistance for publishing your event/ event updates/ resources by filling the form at the bottom of the home page and our representative will revert within 24 hours.

  • No we don’t.

  • If you come across any event listing that you would want to claim or report, click the Report Abuse button provided on each event page. Submit the Report with the details and we will attend to it at the earliest.

  • If you are an event management/promotions or a PR agency or you need to manage all your group companies together, you can do so – with a single account! Additionally, one can nominate other users to jointly manage your account so there is no need to duplicate efforts. Simply nominate representatives from myriad teams to manage the particular company’s account jointly.

  • Absolutely. We have devised an in-built, dynamic SEO metrics which automatically derives data from the event details submitted, so EVERY event listed is optimised most effectively. We have also incorporated a one-of-its kind SEO metrics, where users can set custom SEO meta tags as deemed fit!

Attending an Event
    • Anybody can attend an event, excepting events that are marked as “By Invitation Only”. All one needs to do is register on the portal and click on the Register or Book Ticket button displayed on the event banner.
    • Click on the Register/Book Ticket button on the specific Event page. Your request and details will be shared with the event organiser.
    • Some events are paid. Please check event banner for Free/Paid tags.
    • Log into your dashboard. Check Upcoming Events. Click on Cancel Registration against the event you don’t want to attend.
Adding/Posting an Event
    • Anyone who has the ownership of an event or is responsible for conducting and/or promoting it.
    • Register to add an event. Login to Dashboard. Click on Publish Event. Select ‘Add Event’. Fill in the details and you are set! You may keep adding details and updates as and when required or schedule a date for the page to go live.
    • No. It is Free!
    • Yes, if the venue is undecided. However, the event start date is a required input. You may provide a tentative date which could be changed later on. Please make the requisite changes on the event pages sooner to notify the registered attendees of the changes.
    • You will have the option to manage each of your events through the dashboard. Any change is automatically conveyed to all attendees or to those who have subscribed. Please note though that frequent cancellations could hamper your credibility and will reflect on the internal ratings metrics we have developed to assess the credibility of an event organiser.
    • Everyone who visits your event page can view the listing, as long as you have set the privacy setting of the event to ‘Public’. For certain restricted or exclusive events, you could set your event as private and share the details with a few people only. You could easily change event settings to public later to share release, pics, links to videos etc. Event Updates posted for private events can be viewed by public.
    • Log into dashboard. Check the stats against the event title.

Featured News/Press Release
  • You could -

    • Submit a standalone press release. You needn’t have a related event published. It will be published in the ‘Press Releases’ section, provided it follows our editorial guidelines and is newsworthy.
    • Submit the press release by tagging the event in the press release submission form. The press release is instantly published and displayed on the Event Page. Please note though, that every press release submitted will be vetted by the Editor before being published on our ‘Press Releases’ section. You are hence requested to follow our Editorial Guidelines while writing a Press Release. Press Release.
    • Any organisation or professional or appointed intermediaries like a PR agency can submit the press release. Please note that you need to be a registered user to add a press release. You are requested to adhere to our press release guidelines link 10/19/2016. guidelines
    • Yes. You may.

    • On the published press release page, use the respective social media links through which the release can be shared. You could also share the release through email. Do not forget to tag your press release to the event (if applicable) for instant publishing and for the release to appear on the event page.
    • No we don’t. You may share it by emailing the link of event or press release to your media contacts. Alternatively you may also share it through your social media accounts.