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About Us

  • Event Orbiz provides the most comprehensive online platform solutions for promoting and optimising the entire gamut of business events, across its orbit - from conception to completion.

    Through our interface, we aim to empower every business entity, regardless of scale, with an equal footing to access and collaborate with relevant stakeholders and influencers, thereby enhancing campaign outcomes manifold.

    Our primary endeavour is to connect one stakeholder with the other in the most transparent, reliable and effective way. All our processes have been responsibly designed to secure and safeguard every nugget of information shared.

    Event Orbiz comprises a small team of Astute Problem Solvers, Disruptive Dreamers, Dynamic Methodists and Feisty Executioners – all spirited professionals, who have clocked in significant workhours in business communications, consulting, corporate management and tech startup domains. We are committed to galvanising the trajectory of every published ‘e-Orbiz’, which we believe, will go on to revolutionise the way the story of every business entity is discovered and disseminated. To the success of your story, we dedicate the vision of Event Orbiz!

    • Publish or List an Event within Minutes. Create a Dynamic Online Page, ‘e-Orbiz’ to Store ALL Event Information on a Single Page.
    • Singular Extensive Business Event-publishing Portal providing Predefined, In-built Event Management Interface across Target Audience. Ranging from Corporate or Private Events to Industry and Community related Business Events.
    • Superlative and Extensive Range of Tools to Promote your Event Listing including an Industry first: Instantaneous Publishing of Press releases.
    • Integrated Social Media Optimisation Tools and Search Engine Optimisation Metrics.
    • Built-in Parallel NEWS Interface featuring Key Industry and Domain Specific News for Every Professional.
    • A Dynamic yet Simple Dashboard to Manage Multi Business Events across Multi-companies,real-time, without Duplication and with a Single Event Organiser Account.
    • Create or Publish an ‘e-Orbiz’, a dynamic online page to promote, map and manage the orbit of your business event from conception until completion. We have developed customised e-pages for business events designed across target audiences – be it a private product launch or a marathon! You no longer need to use different platforms to promote different types of events. Anyone can publish an event within minutes! You can also nominate team members and other collaborators to manage your ‘e-Orbiz’ with (or without) you!
    • Promote your event extensively for Free across channels. We are the only event-publishing portal to have weaved in a press release publishing feature coupled with integrated Social Media Optimisation (SMO) tools and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) metrics. Combine this with a dynamic yet simple dashboard to manage all your events on the basis of real-timeanalytics, you have an explosive tool to help you plan and manage your campaign more optimally, real-time!
    • Maintain all event information on a single page. We have incorporated an extensive range of customised features after much research of how outcomes of one business event differs from the next. Your published ‘e-Orbiz’ will in fact help you and your team derive substantial insights much after the event has concluded!
    • Stay updated with the most critical events that have occurred in your industry. In order to further catapult the ‘story’ of each event, we have built in a parallel news interface which would feature key industry and domain specific news for every professional. Apart from the Upcoming events to watch out for, our Editor will get to you the top trending news in your space.
    • Not in the least, we have developed a dynamic yet simple dashboard to manage all your events on the basis of real-time analytics. Event organisers be they corporates or institutions or individuals or event management agencies or PR agencies or freelancers, each can manage their events across group companies or clients through a single dashboard. We have also developed a simple and effective dashboard for journalists and media to access news and events relevant to their respective beats!